What to Expect on Spa Day!

General information, as well as special guidelines we are taking to make sure Spada’s Dog Spa LLC is able to continue operating during Covid-19:

Please leave at least a half hour window of arrival open before and after your actual appointment time. Mobile grooming is tough to gage an exact time. I am usually pretty on point, but may run a bit early or late due to prior appointments running longer or shorter than expected, traffic, sanitizing, etc….

Once I arrive, I will set up my trailer and then come knock on your door to get your pup when ready. Please understand that, to make sure we are taking the right steps to maintain social distancing; I will not be entering your home or chatting much. I will hand you the lead, and then please meet me outside to hand me your dog with the lead. If you are in an apartment complex, I will let you know when ready via phone, and we can meet at the door so I can hand you the lead to put on your dog and then hand over to me.

Make sure all collars, harnesses, clothes, etc., are removed before you hand me your pup. I have a special biothane lead that I will be using to transfer your dog into salon and back, which can and will be easily disinfected after each use.

Appointments last 1.5 to 2 hours. Sometimes even shorter, depending on breed, condition of coat, and temperament.

Payment Methods:

  • Cash (preferred) – If you are able to, please put cash in an envelope with your dog’s name on it.
  • Check (preferred) – Please make it out to Spada’s Dog Spa, and write your dog’s name on the “Memo” line.
  • Venmo – I have an official Venmo Business account and can now accept business transactions: @spadasdogspa
  • Cards – I have a small mobile device for card transactions as a last resort (fees are high for me, so I prefer not to use this method)

At the end of the appointment, I will knock on your door so you can bring your clean and fluffy pup back into your home. Please then meet me outside again to hand the lead back to me, along with your payment. During these short interactions, please remain 6 feet away. I will be wearing a mask, and ask you to do the same if you have one.

You will be contacted to confirm the date & time of your pup’s next Spa Day!

😊 Thank you for following these guidelines in order to maintain a smooth, easy process… and to keep everyone safe 😊