What to Expect on Spa Day!

Guidelines to make sure your pup’s spa day runs smoothly:

Please leave a half-hour window of arrival open before and after your actual appointment time. Mobile grooming is tough to gage an exact time. I am usually pretty on point, but may run a bit early or late due to prior appointments running longer or shorter than expected, cleaning up, traffic, etc.

Once I arrive, please wait inside until I come to you. I will need a few minutes to set up my salon first, and then I will come knock on your door when ready.

Make sure flea & tick collars, regular collars, harnesses, clothes, etc., are all removed before you hand me your pup. I will carry your dog or have a slip lead I can use if a leash is needed for transfer.

Appointments last 1 to 2 hours, depending on breed, condition of coat, and temperament.

For the safety of your dog and productivity of the groom, please refrain from coming up to the salon, knocking, peeking, or anything that would distract/disrupt while the groom is in session. I work hard with time a patience to make sure your dog is as comfortable and adapted to the process as possible. If you need me for any reason, I will have my phone close by.

Once the session is completed, I will knock/ring your bell and meet you at your door with your fresh clean pup! 🙂

Payment Methods:

  • Cash (preferred) – If you are able to, please put cash in an envelope with your dog’s name on it.
  • Check (preferred) – Please make it out to Spada’s Dog Spa, and write your dog’s name on the “Memo” line.
  • Venmo – I have an official Venmo Business account that accepts business transactions: @spadasdogspa
  • To answer a common question: Tipping is certainly not expected, but always appreciated.

You will then receive a notification text from my system by the end of that same day to confirm the date & time of your pup’s next Spa Day!