What to Expect on Spa Day!

Guidelines to make sure your pup’s spa day runs smoothly:

Please leave at least a half-hour window of arrival open before and after your actual appointment time. Mobile grooming is tough to gage an exact time. I am usually pretty on point, but may run a bit early or late due to prior appointments running longer or shorter than expected, cleaning up, traffic, etc….

Once I arrive, please wait inside until I come to you. I will need a few minutes to set up my salon first, and then I will come knock on your door when ready.

Make sure flea & tick collars, regular collars, harnesses, clothes, etc., are all removed before you hand me your pup. I have a slip lead I can use if a leash is needed for transfer.

Appointments last 1.5 to 2 hours. Sometimes even shorter, depending on breed, condition of coat, and temperament.

Once the session is completed, I will knock/ring your bell and meet you at your door with your fresh clean pup! 🙂

Payment Methods:

  • Cash (preferred) – If you are able to, please put cash in an envelope with your dog’s name on it.
  • Check (preferred) – Please make it out to Spada’s Dog Spa, and write your dog’s name on the “Memo” line.
  • Venmo – I have an official Venmo Business account and can now accept business transactions: @spadasdogspa
  • To answer a common question: Tipping is certainly not expected, but always appreciated.

You will then receive a notification text by the end of the week to confirm the date & time of your pup’s next Spa Day!