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Pamper Your Pup With The Following Package Options:


  • Eye & Ear Cleaning
  • Nail Trim
  • Sanitary Areas
  • Paw Pads
  • Messaging Bath
  • Specialty Shampoo & Conditioner
  • Towel Dry & Blow Dry By Hand
  • Brush out
  • Haircut based upon Breed Standard and/or Your Individual Style Choice
  • and/or DeShedding using professional tools for double-coat dogs and short-haired shedders who don’t require haircuts


I will spend some time introducing myself and my tools to your puppy; letting them know they are safe and comfortable with me. I will then carefully introduce them to a Puppy Bath, Ear Cleaning, Pad Shaving, Sanitary Area Trim, Nail trim, Haircut, etc.

Please click HERE to visit the Puppy Page for more information & further instructions

Additional Pampering:

(+$10) Nail File – Smooth Down After Trimming. Your pet’s nails are rounded and smoothed over with a specialized filing tool. This can often get them shorter than regular nail trimming. (Regular nail trimming is included in the groom.)

(+$12) Teeth Brushing – Promotes Dental Health & Fresh Breath. Keeps Tarter under control. Your pet will have their teeth brushed with a personal toothbrush and minty fresh gel! Then spritzed with breath freshener. (Great for surface care and maintenance, but not to be a substitution for vet dental cleaning.)

(+8) Calming Blueberry Facial – Excellent Way To Rid of Tear & Beard Stains, while relaxing your pet. Pampering your pet with a 5 minute massaging therapeutic facial; resulting in brighter & cleaner hair, strengthened to fight off dirt and stains. Pleasant blueberry scent made from natural fruit extracts. Tear-free.

SHAMPOOS: pH-balanced for pets’ sensitive skin, non-toxic, 100% natural, biodegradable, phosphate and paraben-free, enzyme-free, and cruelty-free/vegan

If providing Vet Prescribed or Medicated Shampoos; Please let me know 🙂

Throw Me A Bone Here….

Ruff Behavior – Please let me know if your dog bites or is abnormally difficult about certain areas, and I will take precaution and do my best to personally work with them.

** Severe De-Matting – Severe Matting can be resolved to an extent. Some matted coats are simply too bad to continue, and for the safety of your dog, please understand at this point, it can be painful and cruel to try to take the mats out. This may result in shaving the dog down so he/she is comfortable and healthy again. I will always talk to you and get permission before I shave down. I will certainly try my best to work through certain matted hair types that are manageable, but for the most part, prevention is key: Regular brushing at home until their next groom prevents severe matting.

** Please be aware that severe mats may cause skin issues such as abrasions, infections, sensitivity, etc. If anything is discovered while de-matting, I will of course be sure to point these areas out to you, and let you know if I think further attention is needed.


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