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Seresto for dogs

Seresto® for dogs

“Seresto® is an odorless, non-greasy collar that kills and repels fleas and ticks on dogs for 8 continuous months. Its patented technology gives your client the performance they expect without you having to remember monthly administrations.”

Highly recommend!! I use these on my own two dogs, and everytime I tell someone else about them, they come back months later telling me how much they love them, too! They last all the way through the bad tick season; I put them on around April when spring arrives, and they last all the way through November, when winter arrives! So much easier, I just put them on and forget it! Plus it’s so much better than putting preventative meds directly on their skin every month. Totally worth every penny. Make sure they are the legitimate one’s – You can get them at your local vet, petstore, pet boutique, or awesome sites like CHEWY.COM


As you know, I myself take pride in promoting my own business as cruelty-free and all-natural, therefore I am pleased and feel 100% comfortable in recommending At Attention Dog Training for any training your furkids may need, as they align with my values and viewpoints. At Attention Dog Training uses positive reinforcement based methods. I highly recommend these compassionate experts. They refuse to use harmful tools such as e-collars, prong collars, whips, etc. They are all about concentrating on communication with your dog and understanding, instead of instilling fear in them in order to listen. Click this link for more info: At Attention Dog Training


I can not say enough about CHEWY! I’ve been a Chewy customer for years now. Their customer service is outstanding, the best I’ve ever experienced with anyone. Their website is easy, and has anything you could ever want/need to give your pup the best life! I have my dog’s food on autoship with them and it’s great! They are just overall so efficient and simple. Shipping is quick. They are personable and send my dogs handwritten birthday cards every year. I could go on and on, like I said, I can not say enough. Highly recommend CHEWY.COM