I created this page dedicated to doodle/poo mixes hoping that it covers a lot of the questions/concerns the owners have initially for groomers, clarifies the process and expectations, and goes over my policies.

Due to the high maintenance and difficulty of any doodle/poo mix coats, the wear and tear on grooming tools and a solo groomer’s body, plus the time and water restraints in mobile grooming; I keep a policy of 2 inches or less for the coat length, and either a 4 or 6 week rotation requirement.

As for puppies, I do tend to be more lenient on length for a while because their coats aren’t as thick yet, so it’s also usually more manageable for owners to brush and care for them properly at home in-between their scheduled grooms. For owners who do not want me to touch the length yet, I will just cover the basics our first few groom sessions. I will bathe, **blow dry, **brush out, and clean up around the eyes, the sanitary areas, paw pads, nails, and inside the ears.

That being said, if the puppy is matted past the point of me being able to safely and humanely remove them, I will need to take the puppy short so they can start from a clean slate and get their fur growing back healthy again. That goes for all ages. I do not dematt dogs, as it is cruel and uncomfortable for them, especially puppies who still need to be adapted and eased into the grooming process. Doodle/Poo mix puppies should start going to a professional groomer at 16 weeks old. The longer you wait for your puppy to start getting professionally groomed, the more likely they are going to be matted during their first visit. Starting early on is also crucial to getting your puppy well-adapted to the grooming process. (As explained on my PUPPY PAGE.)

Grooms usually take 1.5-2 hours, but doodles/poo mixes do tend to take closer to 2 hours, depending on their size, coat, and temperament. Puppies almost always take the full two hours, as I am training them into each aspect of grooming.

**Blow dry and brush out is an important part of the grooming process; making certain it is a clean even groom, and also helps me confirm that your dog’s coat is in good condition. This part of the process creates a fluffy look for your dog’s coat initially. Many owners like the “shaggy” look, which will naturally come back again a couple days after their groom. (If you are really set on your dog coming out of the salon looking shaggy, let me know ahead of time and I can always just wet them a little bit again after the groom is complete, and then towel dry as best as I can before giving them back to you.)

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