Pricing List

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Cash or Check Accepted. (Sorry, no Cards.)

Priced accordingly, considering the benefits of Quality products, Private one-on-one care, and of course the Convenience of coming to you  😊

(Estimated to be around $25 more than local storefront groomer.)
*Pennsylvania 6% sales tax is included in price.*


If you do not see your dog’s breed, or dominant breed (if mixed), listed here… Email me info, and I will give you pricing. Weight limit 35lbs.

American Eskimo: (Mini $85) (Standard $95)

Australian Shepherd: (Mini $90)

Beagle: $85

Bichon Frise: $85

Brussels Griffon: $85

Cairn Terrier: $85

Cavalier King Charles: $85

Cockapoo: (up to 20 lbs $88) (over 20 lbs $98)

Cocker Spaniel: $90

Corgi: $85

Coton de Tulear: $85

Goldendoodle: (up to 20 lbs $88) (over 20 lbs $98)

Havanese: $85

Japanese Chin: $85

Labradoodle: (up to 20 lbs $88) (over 20 lbs $98)

Lhasa Apso: $85

Maltese: $85

Maltipoo: $85

Morkie: $85

Papillon:  $85

Pekingese: $85

Pomeranian: $85

Poodle: (up to 20 lbs $85) (over 20 lbs $95)

Schnauzer: (up to 20 lbs $85) (over 20 lbs $90)

Schnoodle: (up to 20 lbs $88) (over 20 $98)

Scottish Terrier: $85

Shih Tzu: $85

Silky Terrier: $85

Skye Terrier: $85

Tibetan Spaniel: $85

Welsh Terrier: $85

West Highland Terrier: $85

Wirehaired Pointing Griffon: $95

Yorkshire Terrier: $85

Additional Pampering:

(NOW FREE!) Nail File – Smooth Down After Trimming. Your pet’s nails are rounded and smoothed over with a specialized filing tool. This can often get them shorter than regular nail trimming. I will clip and/or file the nails depending on what your dog feels most comfortable with.

(+$12) Teeth Brushing – Promotes Dental Health & Fresh Breath. Keeps Tarter under control. Your pet will have their teeth brushed with a personal toothbrush and minty fresh gel! Then spritzed with breath freshener. (Great for surface care and maintenance, but not to be a substitution for vet dental cleaning.)

(+8) Calming Blueberry Facial – Excellent Way To Rid of Tear & Beard Stains, while relaxing your pet. Pampering your pet with a 5 minute massaging therapeutic facial; resulting in brighter & cleaner hair, strengthened to fight off dirt and stains. Pleasant blueberry scent made from natural fruit extracts. Tear-free.

Accepted Payment Methods:
• Cash
• Check made out to: Spada’s Dog Spa

*Pennsylvania 6% sales tax included in price*

Credit/Debit cards are not accepted. Apologies for any inconvenience.

Please give a minimum of 48 hours notice for any cancelations.


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