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Important: ALL clients must review and accept Policy & Guidelines before scheduling. Please and Thank you!

Appointment Time Slots are as follows:

Mon/Tues/Wed/Thurs: 9:00am or 11:30am or 2:00pm or 4:30pm

New friends:

(I’m sorry; I am no longer accepting new clients that are over 40 lbs. or will be over 40lbs when full grown.)

Please make sure you are within an estimated 10 minute radius, I respect your time and don’t want you to go through creating a profile if I am not able to get to you. You can use KOP Mall as a reference point.

In order to respond quickly with more details and available time-slots, please click the button below. You will be guided to create a profile with all the necessary information we need to proceed!

Don’t worry, you’ll only have to create this super helpful profile once!

I’m always excited to meet new friends, and will be in contact with you soon!

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