Pamper Your Pup

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Showered with Love in

King of Prussia & Surrounding Areas

(Please make sure you are within an estimated 15min radius, I respect your time and don’t want you to go through creating a profile if I am not able to get to you. You can use KOP Mall as a reference point.)

Just a dog mama looking to help other dog pawrents! I understand wanting the best for your furkids; As a dog mom myself, I wanted a groomer that genuinely loved my dogs, understood that dogs have different personalities (my two can be a bit of work), and genuinely enjoyed what they do. Surprisingly, that’s hard to find! So, I got my certification and became a groomer myself 🙂

Benefits of Spada’s Dog Spa Mobile Grooming:

  1. I am always their groomer, so it will be easier to form a trusting bond with your dog
  2. Private space lessens the separation anxiety & physical stress for your dog
  3. One-on-one experience with all my attention & expert care
  4. No distractions or exposure to other animals
  5. NEVER confined in cages. I pamper your pup and bring him/her right back to you looking pawesome!
  6. No cage drying! I towel dry and blow dry your pooch by hand.
  7. Hassle-Free – No need for you to leave your home!
  8. Quick & Easy! Eliminates long stays at a shop.
  9. Climate controlled & safe environment
  10. I only use & promote the best natural products, the same I use on my own furbabies!