C O M I N G ♥ S O O N !

ST. PETERSBURG: I am so excited to expand my fur family here in Sunshine City 🙂 Please stay tuned for more information on when I will be officially opening (soon!), and how to go about getting onto my schedule.

Ruff Day? Pamper your pup!

Spada’s Dog Spa provides convenient Mobile Grooming, and a private one-on-one luxury experience with a Fear-Free Certified professional right in front of your home. By utilizing certified fear-free methods, while using only the best All-Natural, Cruelty-Free, Vegan, and pH Balanced products, we ensure you an experience like no other for your furry family member. Scroll down for more details 🙂

Showered with Love in St. Petersburg, FL

Benefits of Spada’s Dog Spa Mobile Grooming:

  • I am always their groomer, so it will be easier to form a trusting bond.
  • Private space lessens the separation anxiety & physical stress; One-on-one experience with all my attention & expert care. No distractions or exposure to other animals.
  • Fear-Free Certified Groomer. Your dog is my top priority. I want them to love me as much as I love them. I will use certified methods to ensure the comfort of your dog, and what I believe is best for your little one.
  • Climate controlled & safe environment.
  • No cage drying! I towel dry and blow dry your pooch by hand. NEVER confined in cages. I pamper your pup and bring him/her right back to you looking pawesome!
  • Hassle-Free; No need for you to leave your home! Quick & Easy! Eliminates long stays at a shop.
  • I only use & promote the best quality natural products.
  • I am an animal lover through and through, it’s what I was meant to do!

Meet the Groomer!

diamond coop
                   [Pictured: Lauren and Cooper]

Hi! My name is Lauren. I’m a dog mama looking to help other dog pawrents! I understand wanting the best for your furkids; As a dog mom myself, I wanted a groomer that genuinely enjoyed what they did, genuinely loved my dogs, and understood them. So, I got my certification and became a groomer myself. I constantly continue my education, and further certifications, to ensure I am doing the best I can for the pups under my care.

My life has always, and will always, revolve around doing as much as I can for the welfare of all animals. Whether it be rescues, volunteering, advocating, activism, etc. In this complex world, one thing I am sure of is my purpose in life to be a voice for them.

I needed to do more of what I truly love, and my daily efforts needed to involve my life passion; This was my motivation for starting Spada’s Dog Spa.

Once I am financially able, a portion of my profits will be donated to shelters and rescues each month. My ultimate goal is to be able to join larger hands-on rescue missions; whether it be when natural disaster strikes, abuse investigations, large-scale situations of cruelty and neglect, and whenever/wherever else my help is needed.

By allowing me the privilege of grooming your dogs, I get to do something I love, while further pursuing my goals to make a difference. Relatively, YOU are helping make a difference.

From the bottom of my heart, thank you.